Migration is a universal human right!

Migration is a universal human right! Migration concerns the spatial mobility of people, that is, changing houses, cities, regions, states or countries. This process has been going on since the beginning of human history. We all have migratory realities, displacements in our families. Some migrate by choice, others are forced to migrate.
Based on this reflection, at the request and with the support of Cáritas Brasileira, the young communicators of Signis Brasil Jovem created the #EuMigrante campaign to show the reality, the drama experienced by Venezuelan migrants who arrive in Brazil. The campaign also wants to point out ways to help them in the reception process, or as Pope Francis asks us to “welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants and refugees”.
The campaign is part of the Pana Program, which is an initiative developed by Cáritas Brasileira and Cáritas Switzerland, with support from the US Department of State. With the objective of raising awareness and mobilizing people and resources for the migratory issue in Brazil, as a focus for the humanitarian crisis living on the Brazil & Venezuela border, the #EuMigrante campaign is structured in three moments: 1) Awareness; 2) Mobilization; and 3) Integration. The proposal is that throughout the year 2019 several actions will be dynamized across the country.
This is not just a campaign by Cáritas Brasileira and Signis Brasil Jovem, but a campaign by all of us, who understand that life in fullness is only possible, with love, acceptance, dignity and fraternity.
CÁRITAS BRASILEIRA – With 62 years of history in the country, Cáritas Brasileira is an organism of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), which acts as a solidarity network, with more than 15 thousand agents spread throughout the national territory. It is one of the 164 member organizations of the Caritas Internationale Network.
SIGNIS BRASIL YOUNG – With just over a year of existence, this is the newest sector of the Catholic Communication Association – SIGNIS BRASIL. Formed by young communicators from the five regions of the country, the group works in the perspective of training, articulation and mobilization of young people to work with communication in the perspective of a culture of peace.