Declaration of Bogotá

Meeting – Pro-Venezuela Inter-Border Workshop

“Each life we ​​find is a gift and deserves acceptance, respect and love”, Pope Francis, Lent 2017 message. 

1. During April 24 and 25, 2018, representatives of the Scalabrinian Sisters and   Social Pastorals, Caritas from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Peru and Venezuela, convened by Caritas Internationale, met to participate in the Meeting – Pro-Venezuela Cross-Border Workshop. 
2. We are saddened by the current reality of the Venezuelan people, which is marked by the following   characteristics, namely: 
a) The impoverishment borne by the people. It is estimated that in the last four years the   population in poverty has increased from 40 to 87%; 
b) A growing inflationary process in recent years that generates exclusion, inequality   and impoverishment; 
c) The fall in the purchasing power of the minimum wage of workers;
d) The high number of Venezuelans leaving their country in search of new horizons is   estimated at approximately four million people. 
3. With joy and hope we note, throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the   active presence of Religious Congregations, Caritas Social Pastorals, Movements,  base communities, apostolic groups, other Christian Churches, social and popular organizations that  have committed themselves in favor of immigrants Venezuelans. 
4. Faced with this reality, we reaffirm our faith in God, who is compassionate and merciful,   who encourages us to welcome, protect, promote and integrate all people who have been  forced to emigrate from Venezuela to other countries in the region. 
5. As followers of Jesus Christ in the community of male and female disciples,   confronted by reality and animated by his message, we encourage: 
a) Governments, various state powers, politicians and all   public servants to recognize all migrants as subjects of rights, according  to international protection mechanisms; 
b) Citizens and civil society welcome them fraternally and do not discriminate   against people who migrate, being aware that they are not responsible for the  situations that cause these migratory processes; 
c) To the media to use the media and transmit   kind and welcoming messages that sensitize citizens to recognize the value of  interculturality and integration; 
d) To the members of our Church so that, from a permanent conversion and   inspired by the principles and values ​​of the Magisterium of Pope Francis, we  commit ourselves to the campaign “Share the Journey”, welcoming,  protecting, promoting and integrating all Venezuelan migrants.