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“Today, far from home, I embrace another culture. I live, move, eat, drink: Everything is different. Tomorrow you can embrace another culture, by your own decision or lack of choice. Then you will live, move, eat, drink: Everything will be different. We are all foreigners. Today I, yesterday another, tomorrow you, maybe. We are citizens of this world”,

Sandra Santos, a Brazilian who lives in Germany.

Migration is a universal human right! Migration concerns the spatial mobility of people, that is, changing houses, cities, regions, states or countries. This process has been going on since the beginning of human history. We all have in our families migratory realities, displacements. Some migrate by choice, others are forced to migrate.
Based on this reflection, at the request and with the support of Cáritas Brasileira, the Signis Brasil Jovem group created the #EuMigrante campaign to show the reality, the drama experienced by Venezuelan migrants who arrive in Brazil. The campaign also wants to point out ways to help them in the reception process, or as Pope Francis asks us to “ welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants and refugees”.
The initiative is part of the Pana Program , which is an initiative developed by Cáritas Brasileira and Cáritas Switzerland, with support from the United States Department of State, and aims to contribute to humanitarian assistance and the integration of migrants and refugees, especially Venezuelans. , who are in a situation of social vulnerability and who seek to rebuild life in Brazil. The project aims, over the course of a year, to benefit more than 3,500 people, at least 1,224 of whom are Venezuelan migrants, from the integration in seven capitals of Brazil:Boa Vista (RR), Brasília (DF), Curitiba (PR), Florianópolis (SC), Porto Velho (RO), Recife (PE) and São Paulo (SP) , and has local partners that contribute to the integration of migrants .


We are all foreigners. Today I, yesterday another, tomorrow you, maybe.

See some data

In the world , 173 million migrants and refugees are displaced;
In Latin America there are 57.5 million international migrants;
Displacements in the American Continent reach 5.4 million.

Internal migrants, displaced people
are Latin Americans
Migrants in the Latin American population are


In Boa Vista, the situation is more complex than you might think.

already passed by
Migrants in 13 shelters
are living on the streets. More appear every day.
went to other cities through interiorization


You can help by donating furniture, appliances, clothes and shoes in good condition, cleaning and personal hygiene products, you can also help by offering opportunities for income generation and employability, you can also contribute to the dissemination of the #EuMigrante Campaign and the Pana Program , in the solidarity welcome and in everything else that your heart feels and your possibilities allow. 

Your donation of furniture, appliances, clothes and shoes in good condition, cleaning and personal hygiene products can be made or sent to one of the offices of Cáritas Brasileira:
Boa Vista (RR) – Avenida Nossa Senhora da Consolata, 1529 – Center
E-mail: casadedireitos.rr@caritas.org.br

Brasília (DF) – Venâncio II Building, Block H, 1st floor,
Rooms 101/104, CONIC, South Entertainment Sector,
E-mail: casadedireitos.df@caritas.org.br

Curitiba (PR) – Rua Paula Gomes, 703, Ground floor – São Francisco,
E-mail: casadedireitos.pr@caritas.org.br

Florianópolis (SC) – Rua Deputado Edu Vieira, 1524 – Pantanal
E-mail: casadedireitos.sc@caritas.org.br

Porto Velho (RO) – Rua Dom Pedro II, 888, sala C – Centro
E-mail: casadedireitos.ro@caritas.org.br

Recife ( FOOT)– Rua do Príncipe, 526, Bloco E, 1st floor – Boa Vista
E-mail: casadedireitos.pe@caritas.org.br

São Paulo (SP) – Rua Jacitara Tipiti, 04 – Jardim Guairacá – Vila Prudente
E-mail: casadedireitos .sp@caritas.org.br 

Cash donations can be made directly to Cáritas Brasileira ‘s accounts :

Banco do Brasil – Cáritas Brasileira
Branch 0452-9
C/C: 232.792-9
CNPJ: 33.654.419/0001-16

Caixa Econômica Federal – Cáritas Brasileira
Branch 1041
C/ C: 3735-5
CNPJ: 33,654,419/0001-16 

You can find materials about the #EuMigrante Campaign and about the migratory situation in Brazil in different formats (audio, video, image and text) in the downloads menu of our website. Download the files and mobilize your community to help too.